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  • Spicy Chocolate Caramel

Get your Spicy Chocolate Caramel today and satisfy that Chocolate craving you have! We combined the great flavors of our homemade caramel with rich Chocolate and just the right amount of cayenne pepper to add some heat and then dip them in high quality Guittard Chocolate.

Product Highlights:

  • Freshness Really Counts!
    We guarantee freshness and your Spicy Mexican Chocolate Caramel will not be made until you place your order!
  • Simple, Fresh, Quality Ingredients
    Rich buttery caramel made with local cream and butter, Mexican Chocolate, and Cayenne Pepper dipped in high quality Guittard chocolate.
  • Handmade In Small Batches
    Your caramels will be hand-dipped specially for your order. Handmade means handmade!
  • Salt or no salt?
    You can get these great caramels topped with course sea salt or get them without. They are great either way!
  • Box Sizes
    Box sizes start with 6 pieces and go all the way up to 48 pieces!

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Spicy Chocolate Caramel

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